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Witching Hour

About Our Mission

Based in New York City, Witching Hour was founded to celebrate and expand the theatricality of the horror genre. We curate and commission new plays that highlight elements of mystery, suspense, gore, and more. With this precise curatorial vision, we aim to connect the immediacy of the theater with the immediacy of a jolting scream.

About Our Programs


Five playwrights are commissioned to create new short plays guided by a particular theme. Guided by Dylan Gurrera and Andrew Agress, these plays are then produced in a one-night event, where each play receives a showcase/workshop level production in front of their peers and industry professionals.

Fall Full

Once SpingFest is over, one of the five SpringFest playwrights will be commissioned to create a 50-60 minute, festival-ready version of their SpringFest play. With this new play, we will collaborate with the playwright to submit to NYC-local festivals and venues. While the goal is to present in the fall, we will also submit to winter opportunities.

About Our Team

Dylan Gurrera started Witching Hour when they noticed that the horror genre had largely been cast aside by the theater. As the primary producer and stage director for the Witching Hour, Dylan collaborates with artists to build a space of joy and creative agency. Dylan is a Columbia University MFA in Dramaturgy alum.

Andrew Agress is a huge horror fan who believes that horror plays create a more vibrant and accessible American theater. A dramaturg, performer, and writer, Andrew received their MFA in Dramaturgy from Columbia University. Recent credits include experiential design and dramaturgy for Der Ring Gott Farblonjet and She Walks the Air at Lenfest Center for the Arts. He previously lived in Chicago, performing and studying improb at The Second City Conservatory, The Annoyance, and iO. Andrew believes in making theater experiential and engaging the audience in the theatrical event. 

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