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SpringFest Submissions

Witching Hour’s SpringFest commissions five writers to write new short horror plays under a uniting but broad theme. We are looking for writers who are interested in creating new works with elements of mystery, suspense, and/or horror. This upcoming year’s SpringFest theme is: Camp (in every sense of the word). “Camp” must influence either the setting, plot, characters, themes, or aesthetic of your commission idea.


At this time, we are unable to guarantee payment for SpringFest writers and performers. However, we are offering a FREE year-long subscription to Play Submissions Helper to our winners! Additional payment is contingent upon our small but mighty donation efforts. This opportunity is geared towards playwrights who want to experiment with the horror genre and for whom a public performance adds meaning to their career development and growth.


Though we are an NYC-based company, we will accept commission ideas from across the United States. 


Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit a 10-page play or 10-page excerpt of a longer work, preferably in the horror genre, though we will consider all genres. This should be different from your commission idea--this is just an example of your work for us to get more familiar with your craft.

  • Submit a maximum one-page treatment of your new commission idea, including: title, logline, plot summary, and key characters description.

  • Your commission must:

    • Be unproduced

    • Have 5 or less characters

    • Include elements of mystery, suspense, and/or horror

    • Keep in mind that we are doing a barebones production with minimal tech elements, rehearsal furniture (i.e. acting blocks), and etc.

  • There is a $2 dollar application fee, to be paid on Venmo.


Important Submission Dates:

  • Submission Cut Off: June 30, 2023

  • Winners Announced: September 15, 2023

  • First Draft Deadline: November 15, 2023

  • Production Date: April 2024

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